I have just returned from an incredible Cultural & Historical tour that will definitely appeal to those of you who would still love to experience traditional village life in PNG but don’t have the desire at this time to actually walk the entire Kokoda Track.
This tour brings together military history from the Kokoda campaign, lush tropical vegetation, stunning beach walks as well as an immersion into the day to day life in several Papua New Guinean villages. This is a trip that will resonate deeply.
During these tours we visit the battlefields around Buna and Sanananda that saw almost 1400 Australian soldiers perish during the bitter fighting that raged from November 1942 to January 1943 and saw the Japanese finally defeated in this campaign. There is still a amazing amount of relics and artefacts to see including a Japanese anti aircraft gun, remnants of Zero fighter aircraft, Japanese defensive bunkers,  bomb craters, the old gravesite of Lt T.T Logan (2/12th Battalion) where he was located decades after the war as well as incredibly well stocked military museums.
You will also experience a traditional village welcome and eat fantastic local produce, expertly prepared by our village hosts.
And one of the best parts … for much of our stay we live in a beachside guesthouse that enables you to roll out of bed into the warm waters of the Solomon Sea.
A visit to Kokoda will also enable you to have a taste of the beginning of the Kokoda Track.

This type of tour will also be perfect for schools who wish to embed themselves in a village for a few days and embark on a specific project or spend time in a local school program.

Please contact me if this type of tour interests you or any of your friends.