Where an enduring legend of sacrifice and determination is honoured by modern day trekkers who face their own physical and mental challenges in undertaking this incredible journey.

Join us in venturing into the beautiful wilderness of Papua New Guinea so that we can learn about, remember and pay our respects to this amazing period in our nation’s history.



Travis has been leading treks over the Kokoda Track for the past seven years. An extensive career in risk management has seen Travis serve as both a Tactical Response Group operator in the WA Police and as an Air Marshal with the Australian Federal Police. With this background comes a professional and thorough approach to your preparation and training to ensure a safe and successful undertaking of this incredible journey.

With an extensive family history of military service during World War II, Travis has a deep passion and knowledge of the campaign. His maternal grandfather, Corporal Colin Thompson (10th Ordnance) served in PNG as did his great uncle Captain Cliff Thompson (2/14th Battalion), whilst his paternal grandfather, Sergeant James Hocart (2/24th Battalion) served during the infamous Siege of Tobruk. Join Travis, as he walks in the footsteps of his family and other Australian heroes over the Kokoda Track.


    Travis’ passion for the history of this campaign bridges generations, with both his grandfather and great uncle having served in PNG during WWII. His training and extensive experience in high-risk occupational health and safety situations means preparation and safety is of the highest possible standard.


    Monitored training is provided prior to departure. Physical preparation, mental wellbeing, appropriate equipment, nutrition, medical response, distances travelled and expected terrain are among the major considerations that go into your preparation.


    Kokoda Crossing’s PNG operations team is extremely well trained and professional. With their caring and guiding hand, not only will you be in awe of their abilities, but you will have a chance to learn about their history, culture and lifestyle in this incredible remote jungle wilderness.


    Kokoda Crossing have a security liaison team within Port Moresby that advise on any relevant security threats and provide support should it be required during the journey. Additionally, a doctor or paramedic is accessible throughout the expedition for your welfare.


  • Kirsty Reilly – October 2018

    What an incredible experience I had the privilege of sharing with a group of sensational people in October 2018. Travis supported our group since the day we decided to do 'Kokoda'. In the lead up Travis took us on training treks, answered many a question, and continually encouraged the group if at any stage our confidence wavered heading into the unknown. The Kokoda Crossing team of porters were wonderful people whom helped all complete the track. They sang and laughed with us; and encouraged the team when needed. Travis, your knowledge of the Kokoda Campaign is outstanding. In particular hearing the words of our diggers via their diary entries and talking about the battles that occurred right where we were at the time ... it was such an incredibly emotional experience. I cannot fault Travis and his team on all that is required to organise and carry out such a trek. I will never forget this incredibly moving experience and our group will share a bond with Travis and his Kokoda Crossing team for the rest of our days.

  • Jemma Harper – April 2017

    “Trekking the Kokoda Track was the most challenging and rewarding adventure that I have undertaken. Travis’ knowledge of the Track is exceptional as he takes you on a journey through time as relates so many stories of the Australian troops in PNG. Travis provides the perfect balance between fun, safety, control, compassion and support. Anyone thinking of trekking the Kokoda Track – this is the guy to do it with. He is a true legend.”

  • Simon Hamilton — April 2017

    It was an unforgettable experience that is difficult not to recount. Anzac Day at Isurava was special, then again every day was. Seems like yesterday and yet so far away. While getting fit and mentally prepared was hard work it paid off which made the track all the more enjoyable and memorable. Your preparation and the team you had was 1st rate. ET, Bewsy and Marcus were fantastic. Coupled with a motivated group this goes down as one of the most worth while things I have done in my life. Absolutely loved it. So glad Dan (guitar man) presented me with the chance to come along. Passing another team along the way all dressed in long pants and looking rather sombre it was obvious we were doing things a little different. 

  • Shaun Russell — July 2017

    “I can't thank you guys enough for making my experience on the trek exceed my expectations. The organisation from the get go was nothing but professional and having Travis on hand to give advice from training to equipment was greatly appreciated. A special thanks must go to Travis as I have no doubt that he made the trek a greater experience with his historical knowledge of the Kokoda campaign and the key battles that took place along the track, along with his engagement of the fellow trekkers and local villagers along the way. Also a massive thanks to ET & the local porters, we could not have had the experience we had without their help (and laughs) along the way.”



Koda Consulting is Papua New Guinea’s leading independent risk and crisis management specialist. If we ever need support in this area, our personal relational with owner/director Jason Fisher, ensures a swift and diligent response.


This is our hotel of choice when staying in Port Moresby. They offer a very reliable airport shuttle service, free in-room Wi-Fi, 24 hour security surveillance, 3 world class restaurants, lounge bar, conference facilities and more.


We are proudly licenced with the Kokoda Track Authority to conduct tours over the Kokoda Track. The KTA is a Papua New Guinea Special Purpose Authority, commissioned to promote and manage the Kokoda Track for tourists and improve the way of life for communities living along the track.



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